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Time saving in selection
1+ year
Target contract length
Recruiting cost saving
We don´t just send you a CV: Every client gets access to a password protected, custom online gallery where they can find an AI analysis, interview video and CV of each developer we offer for their project.
We are a talent agency that matches freelance developers with projects. We work with professionals that have the technical talent and communication skills that are needed for the job, but also ooze the right vibes and match the culture and goals of the hiring company.

Our selection of IT professionals is carefully curated: We interview & analyse freelancers with the help of Artificial Intelligence to make sure the match is as close to 100% as possible.
AI analysis and matching of developers and companies
have a significant impact on workplace happiness and productivity. We utilise advanced algorithms to analyse the emotional drivers of each freelancer to ensure a positive, successful and harmonious work environment.
Technical match
Every project requires a specific set of technical skills. We evaluate each freelancer's technical proficiency to ensure a match for project´s requirements.
Communication and culture
Communication skills and cultural fit are crucial for effective teamwork. We provide ranking and analysis of freelancers based on their communication style and cultural fit.
Positive energy and attitude are critical to success in any workplace. Our AI evaluates freelancers based on their vibes, ensuring that companies are matched with individuals who are primed for success.
Nothing tells more about a person than a video. We provide video and /or audio profiles of our freelancers, allowing clients to get a firsthand look at their skills, personality, and work style.
Barcelona HQ
  • HayStack Analytica S.L.
  • 08003, Barcelona
  • +34 605 704 150
  • Company number (CIF): B01596410
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