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Our story
We launched an artificial intelligence, selection as a service company HayStack Analytica, 2020. The company has been chosen as one of Spain´s and Europe´s most innovative and leading AI start-ups, by several online media & tech magazines.
Since 2020, we have developed an ecosystem of hundreds of technology professionals and companies that create revolutionary, world class products and services.
Our new agency rises from this ecosystem of people and organisations. The way our agency operates is based on the reality of the current market: A market where professionals want to be their own bosses, have the freedom to choose their way of working and get healthily compensated for their work. It is also a market where companies need highly skilled professionals that match their culture and have capacity to deliver highest level results. At the same time companies are required to be more flexible and transparent what comes to their organisation and the way they operate. Our role is to successfully match both sides of the market.
Welcome to HayStack.
Become your boss
Let´s chat about your dream gig, your hourly fee and how it all works.
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