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Leadership and vision
Heikki Erola
Founder & CEO

Passionate entrepreneur & global citizen, focused on building businesses, developing new technologies, automating work and connecting with innovators. Been working since early 90´s in leading European tech hubs - London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Helsinki and Nice.
Prior to launching HayStack Analytica, Heikki has co-founded and run Digital Recruitment platform Sweetspotter and built EMEA and APAC businesses from scratch for American SaaS start-ups.

Senior full-stack developer, specialised in global software projects. Extensive expertise on building scalable SaaS products from scratch. Responsible for HayStack product development. Based in Barcelona.
Elizabet Sigorska
Elizabeth shapes brands that matter. She is specialised in brand strategy, creative and business consulting, culture design, creative direction - and loves establishing outstanding businesses that make the world a better place.
Maria Seltsova
PR and Collaboration
Specialised in international projects covering Europe, Russia, and CIS. Passionate about new ways of connecting people and businesses.
Advisory Board
Romualdo Alves Pereira Junior
AI & ML Scientist & Leader

Romualdo´s professional career covers the Brazilian government, Brazilian Space Agency, research laboratories and University of Ottawa.
His post-doc research focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
At HayStack Analytica, Romualdo provides strategic counsel and advice regarding the development of AI and Machine Learning based solutions.