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Get access to curated team of developers
We don´t just send you a CV: Every client gets access to a password protected, custom online gallery where they can find an AI analysis, interview video and CV of each developer we offer for their project.
We are a talent agency that matches freelance developers with projects. We work with professionals that have the technical talent and communication skills that are needed for the job, but also ooze the right vibes and match the culture and goals of the hiring company.

Our selection of IT professionals is carefully curated: We interview & analyse freelancers with the help of Artificial Intelligence to make sure the match is as close to 100% as possible.
What you get
For every client we create a password protected online gallery where they can find AI analysis, interview video and CV of each developer we offer for a project.
  • AI analysis of emotions, vibes, interests
    What emotions drive a freelancer? Does he/she/they ooze positive or negative vibes? What interests them = what do they talk about?
  • Recorded video interview
    Nothing tells more about a person than a video. What you see is what you get.
  • Communication and skills analysis
    Does a freelancer have the technical and communication skills needed for the job?
  • ... and the CV
    Yes, you will still get the CV :-).
How It Works
Connect with us
Contact us via the contact form.
We´ll get in touch with you, to book a short call for discussing your project, company, culture, values, team, compensation etc.
We´ll interview & analyse freelancers and match you with an ideal one. If you are interested, we´ll connect you with the this professioanal.
Discussion with the freelancer
You discuss the project and your wishes with the freelancer.
You sign contract for the project and freelancer starts working.
Invoice & payment
In the end of the month we report the hours the freelancer has worked and send you an electronic invoice.
Why hire a HayStack freelancer
No payroll
We invoice you for the hours a freelancers works at your project. You don´t need to pay any social security fees, holiday pays, neither do you need to give any notice period
When you work with HayStack freelancers, you can easily and flexibly grow or reduce your team size. Average project length is 1 year, but there is no minimum contract length.
You get the best
Many of word´s best developers prefer working as a freelancer. You would never be able to hire them as an employee. With us you can get them to work their magic on your project.
Time saving in selection
1+ year
Target contract length
Recruiting cost saving
What clients say about us
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Get your ideal developer
Let´s start with discussing your project, technology, team, goals, company culture and values. We´ll then find you your perfect developer match.
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