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Work for yourself
Whether you are an experienced freelance developer, or just about to start your journey in the freelance world, we will coach you on entrepreneurial life and find ideal clients & projects for you. We also analyse your skills to make sure you get a project you deserve - a project where you can work in an environment you actually like and where you can focus on doing what you´re amazing at: Developing high quality code.
Community and numbers
1+ year
Target contract length
Why work as a freelancer
compared to a regular job. Our freelancers charge per hour.
to decide how, where, with what technology and who you want to work with.
development and chance to work on projects that are genuinely interesting and meet your professional goals.
What you get with us
We help you to step into the entrepreneurial world and walk with you during your journey.
We have world-class start-ups and corporations in our ecosystem: We find the right clients and projects for you.
We showcase your work and services to our clients, so that you don´t have to. Instead, you can focus on your work :-).
Our curated community consists of 200 professionals. You´ll never be alone!
Local and global
We work locally and globally. With us the world is yours.
We communite with you the way you want to. Slack, Whatsapp, email, Linkedin. You´ll never be out of touch. Unless you want to!
How it works
Connect with us
Contact us via the contact form.
We´ll get in touch with you, to book a short call for discussing your background, skills, goals, wished compensation, tech you like to work with, projects that interest you etc.
We´ll match you with an ideal company client and project - and if you are interested, we´ll connect you with the company.
Discussion with the client
You discuss the project and your background and gaols with the client.
You sign contract for the project and start working.
Invoice & payment
In the end of the month you report worked hours and send us an electronic invoice. We will then add our commission and invoice the client... and pay you. That´s it!
What freelancers say about us
Work for yourself
Let´s start with discussing your dream gig, your hourly fee and how it all works.
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