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Meet the Candidates
Here are the TOP 3 candidates for your project. Enjoy!
  • Georgina Geoff
    Full-stack Developer
    Georgina is a real force of nature. She builds world-class software products on the weekdays, sings in her own band during the weekends and climbs some of the world´s highest mountains on the holidays. She´s a top notch communicator and team worker who loves working on long, challenging and ideally international.project.s
  • Maria Macha
    Full-stack Developer
    Julia takes full responsibility of each project and job she grabs. She masters all, major, contemporary programming languages, frameworks and technologies. Maria is based in Barcelona, speaks native Russian, fluent Italian and English and decent Spanish.
    On her freetime you can find her cooking Michelin star level meals or socialising around Barcelona´s art scene.
  • Martin Gustafsson
    Full-stack Developer
    Originally from Sweden, Martin is real globe trotter who´s lived in several countries, f. ex. Germany and France.
    He likes to work with and for start-ups and prefers shorter rather than long projects.
    On his freetime, Martin loves playing video games and during the winter skiing in the Alps. In the summer he enjoys the Swedish archipelago and his sailing boat & his crew of avid sailors.
AI analysis
have a significant impact on workplace happiness and productivity. We utilise advanced algorithms to analyse the emotional drivers of each freelancer to ensure a positive, successful and harmonious work environment.
Technical match
Every project requires a specific set of technical skills. We evaluate each freelancer's technical proficiency to ensure a match for project´s requirements.
Communication and culture
Communication skills and cultural fit are crucial for effective teamwork. We provide ranking and analysis of freelancers based on their communication style and cultural fit.
Positive energy and attitude are critical to success in any workplace. Our AI evaluates freelancers based on their vibes, ensuring that companies are matched with individuals who are primed for success.
What is important to a candidate & what concerns them = what do they talk about? Our AI picks up the keywords from the video.